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Sedentary lifestyles are an unappealing indication of modern society. Dancing on Tik Tok doesn't mean that you have a healthy lifestyle. Especially during the Covid 19 time, this has significantly affected the proportion of the population. Extended sitting time of >8 hours a day will increased neck, shoulder, and low back pain.


These few stretches will Improve your spine health and reduce any lower back pain!

The area of the spine is often overlooked and ignored until the PAIN HITS HARD LIKE a HOME RUN


A classic YOGI pose, the goal here is to create a lot of flexion and extension throughout the spine, leading with the head. You might also find it helpful to synchronize breathing with the movement: inhale as you crane back, exhale as you crunch inward.

Quadruped Thoracic Rotation

  1. Start in a Tabletop Position, with hips under knees and wrists under shoulders.

  2. Place right hand over the right ear 

    • Make sure the neck is not flexed and in line with the rest of the body 

    • Make sure that the shoulders are not rounded 

  3. Lastly, rotate your rib cage around the shoulder that is stabilizing on the ground

    • Ensure that the hips stay neutral and are not swaying back and forth or laterly 

  4. Take big breaths and controlled movement is key with this exercise in order to avoid using other joints to rotate.

Foam Roller Thoracic Extension Exercises

It is important to improve thoracic extension by allowing your spine to extend, and thoracic extension on a foam roller is an effective way to do so.

Lie on the ground, prop the foam roller under your thoracic spine, and extend your arms over your head.

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